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The First cross-strait Peace Forum
2013-10-10 Peace  
"The First Cross-strait Peace Forum" was held in Shanghai on October 11 - 12, 2013. This Forum is an important platform for political dialogues between experts and scholars from Taiwan and Mainland China, and it was organized by the the 21st Century Foundation (Taiwan) and National Society of Taiwan Studies (Mainland), and co-organized by the other 12 academic institutions and think tanks from both Taiwan and Mainland China.

More than 120 professionals including scholars and officials, discussed issues covering cross-strait political relations, external affairs, security and mutual trust, and the framework for peace. The participants from both sides agree that the R.O.C constitution can be a foundation for political dialogues because it contains a certain degree of flexibility in defining one China concept.

“The First Cross-strait Peace Forum Memorandum” includes 10 consensus and 7 issues to be discussed in the future, and will set up a permanent office and research teams under the Peace Forum. 

The Second Cross-strait Peace Forum is scheduled to be held in 2014.